Bias Incident Reports

Welcome to the “Bias”Reporting” “Center”.

Sorry that it exists and sorry this won’t be the last time, but we got you.

Dear friend,

I don’t know about you, but after someone calls me a slur without actually saying it, I can’t wait to tell my bitches about it over a blunt.

“this racist, fuck-ass ______ is at it again! ima roll up on em, on some ‘come outside we not finna jump you shit’”. we laugh, pass the blunt, it’s someone else’s turn.

calling someone racist (or whatever) and moving on is all we got. so my best bitches listen, and they hold me, and my reports. thank fucking god. 

when that nurse called me a FOC (faggot of color) by saying that I should get tested every 3 months instead of every 6 because “y’know,” I didn’t fix my mouth or my fingers to explain anymore than I wanted to. not to my people. we called her racist and homphobic, and i moved on.

when that nurse called to check up on me a few days later, I smiled over the phone and we laughed about the weather. 

this site is now one of your best bitches, that one homie you text when you need to talk ur shit. go off.

examples of previous reports:

“[redacted] is racist.” 

“[redacted] in my art class is insecure because nobody here cares about their white-ass art” 

“professor [redacted] gave me that look”  

“yoooooo [redacted] got box braids! them braids is hanging on to her braincells-her poor caucasian scalp.”

“I swear [redacted] only dates white or lightskinned girls on some colorist shit”

“when i can’t leave a big enough tip at [redacted restaurant], i can feel them thinking im broke and they right”

“i’m dissapointed in [redacted] for saying that ignant ass shit”